Fire drill

Time: 2017-11-21


       In order to enhance all employees' awareness offire safety and enhance staff's ability to deal with emergency fire fightingand rescue work,also to comply with the principle of "safety first andprevention first" and the idea of "people-oriented", theafternoon of 10th Nov, HSEM all workers and staffs joined into this fire drill onthe open ground which near of 5 building, the industrial park management officeorganized a fire equipment exercise.


     It stared at 16:00 in the afternoon.the person incharge of fire drill make a speech to help enhance the awareness of fire to allemployees.

1. All of us must keep good fire safety habits, prohibit thefire from being brought into the factory, living quarters, eliminate firehazards from the root.

2. 119 is the fire emergency call in our country. When there isa fire, you should call the police for help for the first time.

3.  When people face the firewe must be calm, no panic, and take the correct self-help and distressmeasures.

        After that he explained to us how to use the fireextinguishers,also show us by real operation.Some HSEM’s colleagues have tried fireextinguishers on their own behalf, when face the fire with claim and use the fireextinguishers in correct way as they just learned, they are wonderful and finishit very good, we all given them a enthusiastic applause.

Finally,all of us left the open ground onschedule according to the guidance of their officers, the exercise was finishedsuccessfully.

       It give us a deeply impress, when face the bigfire we need find out the best way very quickly to save our life, if it is hardto extinguish the fire by ourselves, we must call for more help.Anyway life arethe most important, good habit will help us avoid some danger, we will happyand work safe.

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