China's first end-to-end open laboratory based on the latest 5G standard

From: Science and Technology Daily
Time: 2018-05-10
Summary: The 5G era is coming soon
According to Zhao Lijun, General Manager of Testing Center of China Mobile Research Institute, the 5G end-to-end systems involved in the lab include: 5G wireless access network, 5G bearer network and EPC+ core network, and the world's first Huawei 5G CPE based on the 3GPP standard. terminal.
Shang Bing, Chairman of China Mobile, stated at the Digital China Construction Summit that in order to accelerate the commercialization of 5G, China Mobile will continue to promote the end-to-end maturity of the 5G industry and create a number of cross-industry innovation applications.
"To provide 5G end-to-end capabilities for partners from all walks of life," it is this lab's strongest attraction to industry chain partners. These capabilities include mobile communication basic experimental environment, 5G cross-industry converged innovation applications, incubation results maturity testing and certification, and a platform for promotion, display, demonstration, and promotion of integrated innovation results.
Although 5G is in a global or experimental period, Professor Andrew Nix, head of the Communication Systems and Networks (CSN) team at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, and Professor Andrew Nix, said: “Any kind of technology is just beginning to feel like it is Shantou, but 5G is not. In March of this year, Bristol University and its partners have demonstrated to the world the 5G achievable scenario for the first time in the public urban environment. In the next 2 to 3 years, the prototype of 5G applications will emerge one by one, and the next 5 In 10 years, 5G will be widely used."
In 2016, China Mobile initiated the establishment of a 5G joint innovation center, uniting a 5G industry chain with clear application directions. At present, the Innovation Center has 119 industrial partners and has built 12 open laboratories around the world.
Transfer from: Science and Technology Daily

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