Both models have black technology, and these phones are very popular.

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Time: 2018-07-14
Summary: Mobile phones have developed to the present day, people are no longer simply calling functions, from simple mobile communication functions to playing music, chatting, taking pictures, watching movies, video calls, mobile payments, and many new features in mobile phones. Implemented one by one.
Mobile phones have developed to the present day, people are no longer simply calling functions, from simple mobile communication functions to playing music, chatting, taking pictures, watching movies, video calls, mobile payments, and many new features in mobile phones. Implemented one by one. A new mobile phone function will soon become popular on many mobile phones, and many mobile phone users will pursue the mobile phone personality function as a new purpose. In the current mobile phone, which mobile phone's superior black technology is worthy of choice Buy it? In the Dixintong Mall, these models are very popular among buyers.


Black technology: full screen, lift camera

I have to say that the vivo NEX shows that it is different from the people when it comes to people. When people first see it, they will be attracted by its real comprehensive screen. It adopts innovative bangs-free design with ultra-narrow bezel, and the total screen ratio is 91.24%. This design completely eliminates the bangs, chin and forehead of the mobile phone. The anti-sky full screen hides the performance of the flagship mobile phone. The body is equipped with the 骁 845 eight-core processor, running at 2.8GHz, and equipped with 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage space. Many friends who know the mobile phone in the Dickson store. I said that I like it very much.

The front space is free to make the screen, mainly thanks to the lift camera design, the front camera is placed inside the fuselage, when the front camera self-timer is activated, the lens rises quickly, the process takes only 1 second. When switching the camera or directly closing the screen and exiting the self-timer interface, the front lens is lowered and reset, and the lens is accompanied by a scientific and technological sound, which is very cool to use. The front camera can continuously lift up and down 50,000 times without any worry about the service life of the camera. In the Dixintong store, these functions can be operated by yourself.

Comments: vivo NEX has won the favor of countless purchasers in terms of mobile phone performance, screen and camera innovation. In addition, it has many intimate functions, screen fingerprint, Jovi intelligent voice assistant, AI smart camera, etc., and 4000mAh large capacity battery Mobile phone life is greatly enhanced. So many black technologies are gathered on this mobile phone, and interested friends must go to the Dickson store to experience it for themselves.


Black Technology: Hidden 3D Camera

OPPO Find X held a press conference in Paris and Beijing in June. At present, the mobile phone is officially opened for sale on July 13th. The sale will be available online at Dickson. If the previous vivo NEX is the first to make a truly comprehensive screen, then OPPO Find X is to put the full screen to the limit again. The mobile phone screen adopts the curved panoramic screen design. The front and back of the fuselage adopts 3D arc processing, and also adopts multi-radius processing technology. 2.5D processing is performed on both sides of the 3D curved screen glass, and the proportion of mobile phone screen is also amazing. 93.8%

The reason why OPPO Find X can achieve such a beautiful appearance is mainly due to the hidden 3D camera design. OPPO Find X “hidden” the 3D structured optical module and the 1600W+2000W pixel rear camera inside the fuselage. When used, the “dual track predatory structure” will automatically rise and will automatically retract when not in use. Its innovative front and rear camera are hidden in the fuselage, so that the phone is still beautiful while still full of technology, the phone has not yet reached the end of the powder.

Comments: In addition to the perfect full screen and hidden 3D camera design, OPPO Find X also has a good performance in mobile phone performance, the phone is equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 flagship processor, supplemented by 8GB + 256GB storage combination, running based on Android 8.1 custom ColorOS 5.1 operating system, deeply integrated into AI artificial intelligence, mobile phone performance is very strong. The first batch of mobile phones are on sale, and friends who have any questions can consult Dixon's online and offline at any time.

Millet 8

Black Technology: Dual GPS Navigation Technology

Xiaomi 8 has finally announced its farewell to the buying period. Friends who have seen it at Dixintong will find that the price is still cheaper than buying it. As the flagship machine of Xiaomi's 8th anniversary, Xiaomi 8 is naturally not bad in mobile phone performance. It is equipped with the world's first dual GPS navigation technology on its mobile phone. Its L1+L5 dual-frequency GPS mobile phone can effectively solve single frequency through dual-frequency combination. The problem of mobile phone positioning deviation improves the accuracy of positioning, which provides great convenience for friends who drive.

Xiaomi 8 is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 processor in the mobile phone configuration, and has 6GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB, 6GB+256GB memory combination, and the performance is very strong. In addition, built-in 3400mAh battery, support the latest QC4 + fast charge technology, standard 18W charger, mobile phone provides strong battery support. It is called the millet's strongest in the mobile phone photo, the front 20 million and the rear dual 12 million pixels, four-axis optical anti-shake, AI scene camera, AI portrait mode, friends who like to take pictures, you can shoot your own art as you like. Photo.

Comments: The powerful mobile phone configuration and outstanding positioning level make Xiaomi 8 quickly attract people's attention, sexy Liu Haiping body, infrared face recognition, multi-function NFC and personalized voice mobile assistant, making Xiaomi 8 very good The flagship machine of the king of practical value. This true flagship mobile phone with a price not exceeding 3,000 is available in stock at any time. It is more affordable, and more meticulous service is waiting for you to experience it.

Huawei P20 Pro

Black technology: Leica three lenses

Huawei P20 Pro, the first Leica three lens, has an amazing performance in taking pictures. The three cameras on the rear mobile phone pixel are 40 million+20 million+8 million pixels respectively, f/1.8+f/1.6+f/2.4 large aperture, leading IS0 102400 sensitivity, excellent noise control. Optical anti-shake, aperture mode default focal length 55mm, the main camera supports PDAF focus, etc., so that the P20 is a mobile phone with a SLR. The hot sales momentum, Dickson has many friends every day to consult.

A friend who bought this phone at Dickson also said that the Huawei P20 Pro is attractive to them in appearance. The P20 has a 6.1-inch full-screen design on the front, a super-high screen ratio and a very narrow border. The double-sided glass body makes the hand feel more beautiful. On the back side, it adopts a structural color gradually plating process, and through advanced nano vacuum optical coating technology, The back of the fuselage creates a fascinating gradient of "Aurora Belt", and the gradual fuselage gives a visually infinite aesthetic.

Comments: The powerful mobile phone camera, the look of the mobile phone, and won the favor of countless consumers, in addition to the strong internal strength of Huawei P20 Pro also fascinated buyers. Equipped with Kirin 970 processor chip and AI deep learning capabilities, optimized resource configuration, pre-installed EMUI 8.1 system based on Android 8.1, Huawei P20 inside and outside repairs in Dickson sales hot, you must not miss the pursuit of black technology.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Black Technology: Iris unlock

Samsung's mobile phone is praised for its camera performance. This time Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S9+ also has outstanding performance in the camera. The rear dual 12 million pixels, F1.5/F2.4 large aperture (variable aperture) rear main lens, They are equipped with ultra-fast full dual-core sensors. In the dark light shooting, adapt to various lighting environments, the aperture brightness can be adaptively switched according to the brightness conditions. When taking pictures with real-time blur, the camera will automatically recognize the subject, blur the background blur, and let the subject stand out. To really see the Samsung Galaxy S9+ camera performance, Dickson is a good place to go.

In addition to the common face unlocking and fingerprint unlocking, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is also creatively using the iris unlocking magic function. For a friend wearing a mask on a winter face wearing a glove, just use the phone to glance at the phone. And three kinds of biometric recognition technologies, such as iris scanning, fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, support the mobile phone unlocking mode to meet the needs of different habits.

Comments: Diverse unlocking gameplay and powerful photo making make the Samsung Galaxy S9+ liked by countless people. In addition, in the phone configuration, the use of Snapdragon 845 flagship processor, 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM storage, 6.2-inch full-view curved screen, battery capacity of 3500 mAh, making the phone very smooth. If you want to further contact this flagship machine, go to Dixon to see if they will provide you with full details.

The above five mobile phones can be said to be the most advanced mobile phone products in the mobile phone industry. Each mobile phone has a black technology with its own characteristics. In response to the urgent needs of consumers, Dickson has done its utmost in the consultation, purchase and after-sales service of these mobile phones. This kind of service level is not unrelated to the strength of Dixon Enterprise. Dixon is China's largest mobile phone professional chain enterprise. The mobile communication chain with high market share is recognized by more and more customers with the concept of “service to create the future”. .

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