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Time: 2018-08-06
Summary: Just now, Huawei Mobile released the first half of the 2018 results, and summarized the development process in the first half. According to the data, Huawei's mobile phone shipments exceeded 95 million units in the first half of the year. According to IDC data, Huawei's mobile phone shipments reached 54.2 million units in the second quarter, accounting for 15.8% of the market, ranking second in the world after Samsung. On the other hand,
Just now, Huawei Mobile released the first half of the 2018 results, and summarized the development process in the first half.

According to the data, Huawei's mobile phone shipments exceeded 95 million units in the first half of the year. According to IDC data, Huawei's mobile phone shipments reached 54.2 million units in the second quarter, accounting for 15.8% of the market, ranking second in the world after Samsung. On the other hand, Huawei's market share in China in the second quarter reached 27%, an increase of 22%.

Up to now, Huawei's two flagships have performed well, with Mate10 selling over 10 million units and P20 selling more than 9 million in four months. The market generally expects final sales to reach 15 million.

The above is the hottest news in the recent scientific and technological circles. If we only look at the "market sales" of the core part of the mobile phone, then Huawei's news over Apple has already blown everyone's attention. It must be said that the first half of 2018 is a huge victory for Huawei mobile phones.

In this case, some people think that Huawei mobile phones have ushered in a comprehensive victory. However, in the interview of the first half of the performance conference, Yu Chengdong believed that 2018 will be the first year for Huawei's consumer business to truly rise. In the future, Huawei will win two wars. First, it will face the retail war of smart terminals. The second is to face the future of artificial intelligence warfare.

It seems that inside Huawei's mobile phone, everything is just beginning.

How to understand Huawei's attitude towards the performance of the first half of the year? Through a few key points, it is not difficult to find that the opportunities and challenges of Huawei's mobile phones and the exploration of the changes in the era based on new technologies are only in the prelude today.

Technical dividend, just started harvesting

In the first half of 2018, Huawei was a year of continuous debut of new technologies and the release of black technology.

When other mobile phone manufacturers indulged in factors such as appearance, marketing, and feelings, Huawei chose to implement the user experience with technology and formed a significant market differentiation. Recall that you can find particularly distinctive new technology traces on the Samsung S9 and iPhone 8. On Huawei Mate10 and P20, it is not difficult to complete this task.

From Mate10's AI smart experience, to the P20's AI three-shot, to GPU acceleration technology, the handheld night scene, GPU Turbo and cloud computer technology have all contributed to the mobile phone market.

Relying on technology to usher in the experience of climbing, the most important advantage is to bring sustainable market inertia, look forward to further technological innovation of Huawei mobile phones in the market trend, and form the expectation of users. And the arrival of Kirin 980 and 5G will undoubtedly upgrade this inertia.

In all directions, technological inertia has already significantly affected Huawei's market curve.

New technologies such as AI and smart photography have directly improved the reputation and media evaluation of Huawei's two flagship models for the year, and brought more than 10 million sales of Mate10, and the P20 can expect to reach 15 million sales. Observing the report of the European technology media, it is easy to find that the comments and word of mouth of the P20 in the first half of the year have already formed a sling on the Samsung S9. When the flagship machine does not belong to Apple, Huawei mobile phones will have a core fulcrum to catch up with Apple.

On the other hand, new technologies continue to be the highlight of the market and are bringing high-quality viscosity to Huawei's user base. Taking the emergence of GPU Turbo as an example, both domestic and overseas markets have stimulated widespread sales growth. Mobile phones that have been released for some time have once again ushered in sales growth, which is hard to see in other brands. Using technology to bring continuous user experience has become a unique cheat for Huawei mobile phones.

In addition, we can expect that Huawei's R&D investment is continuing to increase, and Yu Chengdong once again emphasized Huawei's core policy of continuing to focus on R&D and not focusing on immediate interests. Then the rate at which new technologies are put on the market may be further accelerated. That is to say, the excellent performance of technology has just begun, and competing products may be more and more concerned. How many technical cards are there behind Huawei?

From the above points, Huawei's pace of relying on technology dividends, generating technology dividends, and harvesting technology dividends is just beginning. Huawei's mobile phone is equal to technology leadership, and this recognition will be the driving force for Huawei's long-term competition for macro business landscape.

Deep-rooted users, just stepping into the 2.0 stage

In the Internet era, the relationship between terminal devices and users has been fully upgraded, which is already an indisputable fact for the mobile phone industry. However, in addition to Internet information interaction, how to deeply embrace users in the fields of sales, use experience, technology upgrades, etc., and comprehensively upgrade the relationship between mobile phones and users is a new challenge facing mobile phone manufacturers today.

Giving users a deeper, better hug is a new challenge that Huawei has just begun to face.

Although sales continue to increase, Huawei's mobile phones, which hope to establish a future commercial map, need to meet a new battle today by strengthening user service capabilities and deepening user relationships.

At the same time of releasing the results of the first half of the year, we can see the three key trends of Huawei's mobile phones from the Huawei terminal.

1. Reinforce the mobile phone-centric user Internet ecology: Internet service is the specialty of the Chinese market, but it is not the strength of the terminal brand. According to current data, Huawei has decided to complete this level.

Through the software and hardware integration network and new technology upgrades, the establishment of a new retail experience, to the user service ecosystem, user participation in the ecological full iteration, is the next core task of Huawei mobile phones.

2. Continue to strengthen offline experience and retail channels: Huawei mobile phones currently have more than 53,000 retail positions in the world, and 10,000 will be built in 2018; more than 3,500 global experience stores have been built, and 700 will be built in 2018. The offline channels of globalization are bringing new kinetic energy to Huawei's market, and at the same time bringing Huawei a new position to embrace users' deep demands. Strengthening the integration of experience online and offline is Huawei's next important task.

3. Building a pan-mobile phone ecosystem and betting on the IoT era: It can be seen that Huawei's market share in smart homes, wearable devices, and mobile phone peripherals is gradually increasing in the first half of the year. While the AI ​​interactive market continues to expand and smart homes become hot spots in the market, Huawei's actions in this area are also crucial. It can be seen that Huawei terminals will further strengthen the presence of the smart home market in areas such as speakers. How to further activate the user experience through the link between the mobile phone and the home IoT ecosystem is also an important challenge.

Deepen the user experience at multiple levels and strengthen the user ecosystem in all aspects. This is also a big adventure just started in today's Huawei mobile phone.

Another battlefield that is closely related to it is the turbulent heart of the AI ​​maritime era.

Big AI era, just anchored to the sea

The next mobile terminal will surely enter the AI ​​era, which was confirmed by the world's first-class players such as Huawei, Apple, Samsung, and Google.

In the AI ​​era, after more than a year of cleansing, it was only just beginning. The penetration of a large number of deep learning capabilities into the APP format has not been tapped. The upgrade that AI can bring to mobile terminal equipment is still in the exploratory stage. The iteration of AI-driven human-computer interaction is still an imaginative topic.

Under such circumstances, no one can describe the true face of future mobile AI. Human beings can only see a new continent on the other side of the sea, but there is still a lack of explorers to cross the past to find out.

In terms of today's mobile AI format, Huawei mobile phones have occupied the two highlands of AI chips and mobile AI development platforms, and through the productization of Mate10 and P20, they have explored product service practices in the fields of AI smart services and smart photography. The arrival of the next 5G, as well as the continuous upgrade of computing power, is the future weight of Huawei's mobile phone AI evolution.

As far as the competition situation in the mobile phone market is concerned, most of the manufacturers are still in the shipbuilding period. They still don’t know how their AI products work. Many of them just add a gimmick. The international first-line brands have entered the test-sealing period and started to pass. Identify algorithms and other ways to explore what landscapes AI can bring.

Based on the above advantages, Huawei mobile phones should already be considered to have come to the anchoring stage. It has core technology advantages, product cases, open ecology and development tools, and has won unanimous praise from industry and users in the name of AI. So how to maintain the advantages of navigation and continue to expand this advantage will be a voyage that Huawei has just begun.

Next, the accuracy of the technical strategy, product coordination capabilities, and promotion and promotion of mobile AI will test the ability of Huawei AI Airways to cloak and rain.

When we put down the numbers and rankings and turn our attention to the mobile technology revolution and the future coexistence of humans and terminals, it will naturally be found that the story has just begun for Huawei and thousands of users.

The dividends of technology, the continuous upgrading of user relationships, and the opening of AI adventures are all factors that are not successful for Huawei mobile phones, but can be a stepping stone in the future.

In other words, today's market rankings will end tomorrow; but the presence of the future market is already doomed today. At the beginning, perhaps for Huawei and Chinese mobile phone brands, it is the best state.

Article source: Geek Net

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