Glory Note10 endurance test: with a big battery, one can play

From: Pacific Internet
Time: 2018-08-20
Summary: 2018 is a year of full-screen outbreaks, and it is painstaking for individual mobile phone manufacturers to increase their screen share. Of course, the performance of the processor, memory, and flash memory is also rising like a rocket. Only one thing sitting alone in the corner, silently watching other small partners grow up happily, that is the battery.
2018 is a year of full-screen outbreaks, and it is painstaking for individual mobile phone manufacturers to increase their screen share. Of course, the performance of the processor, memory, and flash memory is also rising like a rocket. Only one thing sitting alone in the corner, silently watching other small partners grow up happily, that is the battery.

Indeed, in recent years, the mobile phone industry has developed rapidly, and the performance of various components has advanced by leaps and bounds. Only battery technology has stagnated. Although the rumors of graphene batteries are endless, there is still a long time from real commercial use. Therefore, the current smart phone to improve the battery life, in addition to the processor using more advanced process and excellent system optimization, the simplest and most rude way is to make the battery bigger.

At present, the battery capacity of the mainstream screen full-size flagship mobile phone is between 3000-3600mAh. But the glory Note10 is different, with a 6.95-inch large screen, the larger body size can naturally hold a larger battery, so the glory unscrupulously put a 5000mAh large battery. This is rare in today's mobile phone market, plus the support of Kirin 970 and EMUI 8.2, so we have reason to expect that glory Note10 will have excellent endurance performance.

So we have a bold idea, whether the glory of Note10's battery life can rival the same battery life of an iPhone 8 plus an iPhone 8 Plus? The heart is not as good as action, we will start experimenting immediately.

Game measurement

As an ordinary working class, it is obviously unrealistic for us to measure the endurance in the office by watching videos online. So we occupied a quiet conference room, and cheerfully played the glory of the king. We set the indoor air conditioning temperature to 24 degrees Celsius, then open the glory of the glory Note10, iPhone 8 king, smash all the screen settings to the highest, open the role stroke, multi-threading technology and high frame rate mode. Of course, other conditions should be fair. The screen brightness and volume of both phones are set to 50%. The glory Note10 system version is the first version of the system, the iPhone 8 system version is iOS 12, and the battery health is 99%. If the iPhone 8 is out of power first, it will be topped by its big brother iPhone 8 Plus. The conditions are the same as before, and continue with the glory Note10.

Since we are not professional gamers, we don't post any record or game video, or do it back to us, and post a graph of the power consumption.

From the battery consumption curve of both, we can see that the glory Note10 can be said to be the existence of the crushing level, the remaining power is far ahead of the iPhone from the beginning, and the battery is still at 100% after 10 minutes of game testing. It really shocked us. When the test went to 2 hours and 20 minutes, the iPhone 8 was killed. At this time, the glory Note10 still had 54% of the remaining power. So we put on the iPhone 8 Plus, the big brother of the iPhone 8, and let it complete the unfinished business of the little brother.

The iPhone 8 Plus started testing at full power, while the glory Note10 went on to continue testing before 54%. From the battery consumption curve of both, it can be seen that the gap between Glory Note10 and iPhone 8 Plus is relatively large, the biggest gap is 47%, but the gap is gradually reduced later, although it is still lost to the iPhone 8 Plus, but finally The winning iPhone 8 Plus has only 15% of the power left, and the gap has shrunk a lot. The entire test ended in glory Note10 without electricity, a total of 4 hours and 40 minutes.

At the end of the test, we will summarize it. Glory Note first defeated a very healthy iPhone 8, with the remaining 54% of the hard-filled iPhone 8 Plus, and finally lost 15%. Although it is somewhat different from the official promotion time, considering that the official test data is based on the ideal environment of the laboratory, it is difficult to restore the laboratory test environment in reality, so we can get the fairness and justice as much as possible. It is also normal for test data to differ from official data.

In fact, Glory Note10 has a 6.95-inch large screen, and a symmetrical independent dual speaker, which consumes a relatively large amount of power, while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have a smaller screen relative to it, so the king’s glory test does not last. The sum of the two iPhones is also excusable. Although Glory Note10 lost to the sum of two iPhones in the king's glory test with a small disadvantage, the 4 hours and 40 minutes of full game life is still superior to other mainstream flagships of other friends, not to mention it has more Excellent game performance and experience.

Fast charge test

In the glory of the king, it takes 10 seconds for the hero to return to the city to fill the state, and the resurrection waiting time after death is 45 seconds. So what is the time required for Glory Note10 to be full of blood resurrection? So we finished the game test and left it idle for a day after the power was completely consumed. The next day we used the original power of 22.5W for fast charging, from 0 Start testing its fast charge speed.

As mentioned above, this glory Note10 fast charge test starts from 0, charging 15% in 15 minutes, 61% charging in 1 hour, and fully charging 1 hour and 59 minutes.

The fast charge test is over, let's summarize it again. Glory Note10's charging speed is still satisfactory to us, although it is said that nearly 2 hours of charging time can not be said to be excellent today, but don't forget, this is a 5000mAh big guy, and actually the front charging speed It is very fast, that is, after charging 90%, it takes a lot of time to start charging into the trickle, otherwise the actual charging time can be further shortened. At present, many 3000-3600mAh, QC3.0 fast charge mainstream flagship mobile phone charging time is generally about 1 hour 30-40 minutes, so the battery capacity is close to half of their glory Note10 charging time is actually not slow.

The 5000mAh large battery on the glory Note10 has aroused great interest, so we have this limit test. After the "playing the game to no electricity" test and fast charge test, we believe that the glory Note10's battery life performance is generally satisfactory, in the limit scene can still adhere to 5 or 6 hours of use, in other words, daily chat WeChat Brushing Weibo, listening to music, watching videos, etc. will have better endurance performance in scenarios where performance requirements are not so high. It is more than enough to insist on one day's use, and it is not a problem for two users to use it for two days. In terms of charging, as a mobile phone with a 5000mAh battery, the charging speed of the glory Note10 is not a picky place.

If you are a heavy gamer, then Glory Note10 may make you more immersed in it, don't worry about running out of electricity; even if you don't have electricity, connect the charger, have a cup of tea to eat snacks, and then you can go back to fight. It is really a must-have for home travel.

Article source: Pacific Internet

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