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Time: 2018-08-24
Summary: Now artificial intelligence can be said to be by your side, because artificial intelligence is entering the smartphone that people can't live without. The reason is that many mobile phone SoC chips have the performance of artificial intelligence, that is, equipped with "artificial intelligence chips", thus achieving many AI applications.
Now artificial intelligence can be said to be by your side, because artificial intelligence is entering the smartphone that people can't live without. The reason is that many mobile phone SoC chips have the performance of artificial intelligence, that is, equipped with "artificial intelligence chips", thus achieving many AI applications. Under the blessing of artificial intelligence chips, functions such as commonly used artificial intelligence voice assistants, artificial intelligence beauty, etc. can be realized. And a strong artificial intelligence chip can make the phone smarter and understand the needs of users.

As a leader in mobile chips, Qualcomm has been actively preparing for the era of artificial intelligence. Its technical research in the field of artificial intelligence chips has already begun. More than a decade ago, Qualcomm began exploring machine learning pulsed neural methods for computer vision and motion control applications, and subsequently extended its research from bionic methods to artificial neural networks, mainly in the field of deep learning. In 2013, Qualcomm proposed the concept of “Zeroth” processor computing, enabling robots equipped with this artificial intelligence chip to quickly recognize colors and understand text and images. This year, Qualcomm announced that it has officially launched the artificial intelligence engine (AI Engine). Through the efficient processing capability of the Snapdragon artificial intelligence chip, the user can use the artificial intelligence chip on the terminal side to realize the artificial intelligence operation that needs to be completed in the cloud. .

Artificial intelligence on the mobile phone side to achieve AI computing requires high-efficiency, high computing accuracy and recognition of artificial intelligence chips and computing architecture. Qualcomm's exploration of artificial intelligence chips has evolved for three generations. The first generation of artificial intelligence chips was implemented on the CPU to implement the neural network Snapdragon 820, and also adopted the most mainstream framework Caffe in the commercial field at that time. The second generation of artificial intelligence chip is Xiaolong 835. After the launch of this artificial intelligence chip, smart phones began to enter the era of smart album management and face recognition, becoming a new selling point of smart phones. As the third-generation artificial intelligence chip, the Snapdragon 845 supports the most advanced artificial intelligence processing. Compared with the previous generation, the AI ​​performance of the artificial intelligence chip has increased by 3 times. At present, the Snapdragon artificial intelligence chip has covered the Android camp including millet, OPPO, vivo, one plus, hammer, black shark, Samsung and many other manufacturers.

The Snapdragon artificial intelligence chip equipped with artificial intelligence engine (AI Engine) has been widely adopted by mobile phone manufacturers, which has the artificial intelligence experience from the flagship machine to the thousand yuan machine, which greatly promotes the artificial intelligence in the mobile phone. . Under the support of artificial intelligence chips, smartphones provide services for scenes such as photographing, object classification, face detection, scene segmentation, natural language understanding, speech recognition, security authentication, and resource management.

At present, Qualcomm's artificial intelligence chip products do not simply superimpose NPUs or computing units on the chip, but use the integrated artificial intelligence engine (AI Engine) on the Snapdragon chip to enable CPU, GPU, and DSP through heterogeneous computing. Multiple modules work together to schedule workloads based on different application scenarios. Because the Snapdragon artificial intelligence chip is taking the general technical route, the artificial intelligence chip needs to be used by the OEM. However, due to the different levels of R&D capabilities of major manufacturers, artificial intelligence chip products need to balance the needs of major manufacturers and avoid across the board. Moreover, the advantage of this is that it can bring considerable application flexibility and flexibility in different AI usage scenarios, and the artificial intelligence application scenario at this stage is not complicated until the artificial intelligence chip must be processed by a special AI unit. The heterogeneous computing architecture of the Dragon Artificial Intelligence chip is fully capable of performing AI processing tasks. At the same time, it leaves more room for the mobile phone chips, and does not increase the cost to pass on to consumers. Of course, as a Qualcomm that has been working in the field of mobile chips for 30 years and has been researching artificial intelligence for more than ten years, it is absolutely impossible to integrate artificial intelligence chips into a specialized AI core, and more likely to consider macro technology and Market planning. In terms of long-term strategic deployment, the Xiaolong platform is more reasonable with the current artificial intelligence chip solution. In the future, the Snapdragon artificial intelligence chip adopts the integration or separation method for AI calculation. It is expected that Qualcomm will decide according to the market development trend and timing.

At present, many leading OEMs, developers and cloud providers in the world adopt or support Qualcomm's Opteron artificial intelligence chips to optimize and accelerate artificial intelligence applications. Snapdragon artificial intelligence chip is helping to develop artificial intelligence of mobile phones, and also allows the ecological partners of Snapdragon artificial intelligence chips to continuously explore artificial intelligence scenes and continuously enrich artificial intelligence applications.

However, for the realization of terminal-side artificial intelligence everywhere, partners need to work together to develop. Therefore, Qualcomm still insists on technology opening, and many manufacturers choose to cooperate with 骁龙芯. Qualcomm also announced that it has reached cooperation with Baidu and Netease and other technology companies to jointly promote the development of artificial intelligence and to realize the ubiquitous vision of artificial intelligence on the terminal side.

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