8848 titanium mobile phone M5 released with the watch to show luxury

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Time: 2018-08-29
Summary: On August 28th, China's high-end mobile phone first brand 8848 titanium mobile phone released the latest generation of M5 in Beijing. The 8848 M5 embeds the watch in the mobile phone, and in the peak version, it is inlaid with 20 natural diamonds for the first time, priced at 16,999 yuan. Crocodile leather private custom version 29999 yuan.
On August 28th, China's high-end mobile phone first brand 8848 titanium mobile phone released the latest generation of products M5 in Beijing. The 8848 M5 embedded the watch in the mobile phone, and in the peak version of the first set of 20 natural diamonds, priced at 16,999 yuan, Crocodile leather private custom version 29999 yuan.

In addition to the continuation of the high-end custom concept, its biggest feature is that there are two screens in front and rear, and the screen on the back is designed as a watch dial. The 8848 M5 continues the 8848 family-style design with a prominent obtuse angle on the upper and lower edges. The middle frame is still high-end titanium, and the back is still dyed leather.

The 8848 M5 still supports encrypted calls in the system function, and adds more practical security functions tailored for high-end business people security application scenarios. One-key switching between the standard system and the security system enables different systems to set different fingerprints to enter, so that work and life do not interfere with each other. The newly upgraded third-generation encrypted call has improved the recognition rate of harassing calls by 3 times and the recognition rate of unfamiliar numbers by 150%, making life in the commercial era safer.

Configuration, 8848 M Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 eight-core processor; with 6G running memory, 256G large storage space; screen with 5.65-inch high-brightness full screen, 2K ultra-clear display; main camera with 12 million 1.4um large pixel Sony The camera, front 16 million pixel camera, supports optical image stabilization, enhances the dark light camera effect; dual card dual standby, full Netcom 4G+, new multi-national call support, fully meet the needs of high-end business people.

The biggest highlight of the M5 is the design of the “Time Eye” on the back of the mobile phone, which incorporates the lifelong masterpieces of nearly 10 top independent watchmakers. The “Time Eye” is the cross-border work of the 8848 mobile phone and the Swiss Independent Watchmakers Association AHCI. AHCI is the world's most influential and creative watchmaking organization, a group of high-profile watchmakers with a creative and transformative spirit. The world's first decimal three-question table, the first perpetual calendar watch that needs to be manually adjusted in 400 years, and the Jinqiao watch that created the linear design of contemporary movements are all from the ingenuity of the AHCI Society.

The M5 peak version released this time is the first time inlaid with 20 fine natural diamonds. Known as the “King of Gems”, Diamond is recognized as the most precious gem in the world. It is also a symbol of power, status and honor. It also contains magical artistic charm. The unique value of diamonds brings more extraordinary experience to 8848 mobile phone users. It also brings luxury to a new height.

Luxury materials such as aerospace grade titanium, top layer cowhide, and sapphire crystal glass are still used. In the choice of leather, the European leather imported from the texture is more delicate and softer to the touch. The leather is more wear-resistant. At the same time, the imported SBR high-rebound cotton is used inside the leather to make the grip feel more comfortable.

The 8848 M5 is available in several styles. Enjoy the edition price of 12,999 yuan, with black matte book page titanium parts, champagne gold frame, sandblasting effect, with black dense lychee European leather, low-key luxury; peak version price of 16,999 yuan, set with natural diamonds, Polished titanium alloy, deep ochre/champagne gold PVD coating combines the beauty of restrained design with ultimate luxury. Especially worth mentioning is that M5 also launched a 99.99 yuan Reiz version, making it possible for more people to own technology luxury goods.

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