Mobile phone charging security "8 items"

From: Xinyang Daily
Time: 2018-09-03
● It is best to use the original battery and charger for the mobile phone. Otherwise, it may cause the phone to explode, because the output voltage of the non-original battery and charger is different from the original one.

● When charging the phone, it is best to have a certain distance from us. Charging with the phone case will make the heat generated by the body not dissipate. It is best to take off the phone case when charging.

● When charging, it is best not to play with the mobile phone, and do not answer the phone, because charging while using, has an impact on the battery life, and also has potential harm to the human body.

● If the phone is hot during use, it is best to stop using it immediately and dissipate heat to prevent potential damage from occurring.

● Today's smartphones can be fully charged in about 3 hours. Do not charge the phone overnight, otherwise it will shorten the battery life or even explode.

● The charger should be unplugged in time after the phone is fully charged. Otherwise, the charger will be charged for a long time and it will be easy to age.

● It is best not to call or recharge the phone during thunderstorms.

● For the safety of yourself and your family, please use a qualified mobile phone, battery, or charger.

Article source: Xinyang Daily

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