A paper to see Apple's press conference: dual card dual standby iPhone price of 12799 yuan high

From: Sina Technology
Time: 2018-09-13
Summary: Sina Technology News September 13 morning news, Apple's autumn conference will arrive as scheduled, this time launched an Apple Watch Series 4, two iPhone XS series, and an iPhone XR.
Sina Technology News September 13 morning news, Apple's autumn conference will arrive as scheduled, this time launched an Apple Watch Series 4, two iPhone XS series, and an iPhone XR.

At the beginning of the conference, Apple first came to the 007-style "life and death speed" opening. A Genius took the safe in the hands of Siri and sent it to Cook in the fastest way. The press conference officially kicked off.

Cook took a look back at Apple's "Medal of Honor" as usual. At present, the annual Apple Store has more than 500 million passengers, and the shipment of iOS devices is nearly 2 billion.

Apple Watch 4 - the first major change, testing health into a turning point

Four years ago, Apple officially entered the "health field" to launch the Apple Watch. Apple will always focus on "keep connected, fitness and health", so this time based on these three features launched the new Apple Watch series 4.

Series 4 screens account for a larger proportion First, the Apple Watch series 4's screen is 30% larger than the previous generation, a total of 40 mm and 44 mm. Although the screen becomes larger, the size of the appearance is basically the same as that of the previous generation. After the screen becomes larger, the dial and the application have been completely redesigned, adding a part of the dial, such as fitness and health can be displayed together, you can directly view the airport information on the surface; even add the previous "breathing" function to the dial In the background.

The digital crown has been visually changed from the previous "Little Red Dot" to the "Little Red Circle" and has also added a digital crown for tactile feedback. Compared to the previous generation, the digital crown used by series 4 is 30% smaller overall. The internal components have increased by 21%, and the new tactile feedback brings the feel of rotating mechanical watches. The speaker volume of the body is also increased by 15%. In order to ensure that watchOS5 wakes up Siri in real time, the microphone has also been redesigned to ensure that the sound quality wakes up Siri voice assistant or voice call.

Apple judges the severity according to the "regular" habits of wrestling. The series 4 core uses the S4 processor, which is developed by Apple to support 64-bit dual-core processors, and the processing speed is twice as fast as the previous generation. In addition, Watch 4 can identify the user's fall. Apple introduced "fall recognition" based on the height sensor and the action of falling to judge the severity. In severe cases, the watch will automatically call the rescue according to the geographical location.

Previously, Apple Watch's heart rate function has always been a core function, so this time added three more functions, the first one will automatically prompt the user when the heart rate is low, and the second one can calculate the heart rate map to identify the atrial fibrillation. The third electronic electrocardiogram function adds an electrode type heart rate sensor at the bottom of series 4. When drawing the electrocardiogram, the user's finger needs to hold down the digital crown and draw the electronic ECG tracking frequency to predict the heart condition. This process takes only 30 seconds. It can be done, and finally the ECG can be displayed directly in the App.

Apple Watch series 4 main parameters In terms of battery life, Apple said that Apple Watch 4 will provide 18 hours of battery life. For his own health information, Apple emphasizes that all will be saved to the watch without privacy leaks.

The Apple Watch series 4 still has an aluminum case and a stainless steel polished case, all in gold, deep gray, and silver.

Apple Watch series 4 edition version Apple Watch series 4 GPS version starts at 3,999 yuan, the cellular network version starts at 5,499 yuan, the price of the 3rd generation watch has dropped to 2,199 yuan, and China's first wholesale sales area began accepting reservations on the 14th.

iPhone XS - the appearance does not change much, the upgrade is in the hardware

Last year, Apple added Face ID face recognition in iPhone X. According to Apple, iPhone X's user satisfaction has reached 98%, making it the number one mobile phone in the world. So this time, based on the iPhone X, the iPhone XS was launched.

Left for iPhone XS Max Right for iPhone XS From the name, Apple continues the "S" series update, which is divided into 5.8-inch iPhone XS and 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max. The 6.5-inch is a 5.8-inch magnified version that maintains the grip of the original iPhone Plus series. The iPhone XS series supports stereo effects, and stereo is also supported when shooting video. Of course, these two products still use OLED screens and support IP68 dust and water resistance.

There are also some minor upgrades, such as the iPhone XS series with faster face ID recognition and a storage capacity of 512GB.

At the core, the iPhone XS series is powered by the new A12 biochip. Specifically, the A12 biomimetic chip has a 7-nanometer process, and has a 6-core 64-bit CPU, a 4-core GPU, and an 8-core NPU (Neuro Processing Unit).

A12 Bionic Chip Internal Structure At the press conference, Apple highlighted the performance improvement of the Neural Engine update, which can reach 5 trillion times per second.

For the A12 biomimetic chip, Apple has undergone a new upgrade in the ML nervous system, which is 9 times faster and consumes one-tenth the energy. When you experience the AR function, the response is faster and the picture is smoother and the quality is better.

iPhone XS camera configuration camera, iPhone XS series is still a wide-angle camera + telephoto camera dual-camera mode, from the overall parameters, the dual 12 million pixels seems to have no obvious improvement, but based on A12 bionic chip, iPhone XS series in the photo There was a smarter adjustment.

Based on the A12 bionic chip, the iPhone XS series has zero delay in the camera function and will perform better under different lighting conditions. The smart HDR function has also been added for the backlighting, and the portrait mode has been newly added to focus and then focus.

In terms of battery life, Apple uses the iPhone X as a reference, and the iPhone XS improves its battery life for 30 minutes. Max increases by one and a half hours.

China's special version of the dual card dual standby iPhone XS series network standard, iPhone XS Max for the first time supports dual card dual standby function, but it is worth mentioning that the international version of the iPhone XS series uses a single card + eSIM virtual card, and Apple introduced a dual-entity SIM card version for the Chinese version, which is the first time Apple has changed hardware for a country. It should be noted that dual card dual standby only supports iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

iPhone XR - colorful body configuration reduction

After the iPhone XS series, Apple introduced a new series - iPhone XR. Its appearance is similar to that of the iPhone X, but the rear camera is reduced to a single 12-megapixel camera, and the screen is also reduced to use the LCD screen, officially known as the Liquid Retina screen. Judging from the display on the conference, the borders around are wider.

iPhone XR iPhone XR's body color is a highlight, a total of six colors of white, black, blue, yellow, coral, red, and metal frame, which is somewhat similar to the previous iPhone 5C.

The core iPhone XR also uses the latest A12 bionic chip, which is 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Final selling price:

iPhone XR: 64GB price of 6499 yuan, 128GB price of 6999 yuan, 256GB price of 7899 yuan;

iPhone XS: 64GB price 8699 yuan, 256GB price 10099 yuan, 512GB price 11899 yuan;

iPhone XS Max: 64GB price is 9599 yuan, 256GB price is 10999 yuan, 512GB price is 12799 yuan;

At the same time, the price of the iPhone 8 will drop to 5099 yuan, the iPhone 7 will start at 3,899 yuan, and the iPhone X will be discontinued. China is the first country to sell and wholesale. The iPhone XS series will be accepted on September 14th and will be released on the 21st of this month. The iPhone XR will be accepted on October 19th and will be on October 26.

Finally, there are some small enhancements, such as HomePod home speakers support AirPlay 2 transmission protocol, Apple TV added 100 partners to support 4K.

Sina comment:

The rumor about the new iPhone in a year was finally "open" in today's Apple Autumn Conference. The three new iPhones that were previously transmitted by the Internet were also unsurprisingly seen at this conference, and even the parameters were almost not very different.

As a small upgrade of Apple's two-year change, the iPhone Xs is not as bright as the new iPhone, but the dual-card dual-standby function of the fruit powder is finally launched in this iPhone. Take the mobile phone out of the belt. As for other upgrades, more are "inner beauty", such as optimizing the adjustment of the camera, and strengthening the waterproof.

The iPhone price may be the biggest issue at this conference. The price is a step higher than last year's iPhone X. The top version is priced at nearly 13,000 yuan. The original iPhone SE and iPhone X discontinued also allowed iPhone users to fully cover, from iPhone 7's 3899 yuan entry to iPhone 8's 5099 yuan as the mid-end, iPhone XR is the main high-end, iPhone XS positioning flagship, Apple's positioning has been very Obviously, you can use the iPhone for all ages.

The Macbook Air and iPad Pro that I said when I broke the news were not seen at this conference. Can we expect to launch it next month?

Article source: Sina Technology

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