Apple's price increase boosted performance In October, Huawei brought a new version of mobile phone to enter the competition?

From: Netease Finance
Time: 2018-09-21
Summary: After the release of three new iPhones, Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR, this year caused a hot debate. In the new iPhone, with the words "the function is not improved", "there are few new features to remember", "Apple has no innovation" and other comments, Huawei Vice President Yu Chengdong said on Weibo: "Stable , we will see you in London on October 16!"
After the release of three new iPhones, Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR, this year caused a hot debate.

In the new iPhone, with the words "the function is not improved", "there are few new features to remember", "Apple has no innovation" and other comments, Huawei Vice President Yu Chengdong said on Weibo: "Stable , we will see you in London on October 16!"

Faced with various public pressures, the new iPhone will be available for sale on September 21. Then, what will happen to the launch of the new iPhone this year. In the face of the five-figure price, will there be fruit powder queued for purchase?

According to Suning Tesco insiders told the "Securities Daily" reporter: "As of 15:00 on September 20, in the Suning Tesco platform, this year's new products released, the most expensive iPhone XS Max 512GB version, the number of appointments has reached 45.1081 Ten thousand people, before the official sale, the number of appointments for this new machine is expected to exceed 500,000."

Raise performance by rising prices?

It can be said that in the nearly two hours of Apple's release, the most impressive thing for many consumers is the bigger, more dynamic screen that Apple executives have been talking about, faster processors and better cameras. .

However, in addition to the concept that the screen will become bigger, the other features of the new iPhone have few highlights, and the only thing that can please the fruit powder is the dual card dual standby function.

You know, as early as more than a decade ago, dual-card dual-standby mobile phones began to be popular in China, but the iPhone has always insisted on single-card design. Therefore, the new iPhone is considered to be a special function for Chinese consumers in the form of special Cato.

Although, the fruit powder is very popular with the new iPhone dual card dual standby function, but the high price of tens of thousands of yuan also surprised the market, and some people even began to predict that the new iPhone will be cold.

According to industry data, Apple's iPhone is currently priced between $449 and $1,449, with an average price of $765. This price is 20% higher than the average price of $636 last year (selling from $349 to $1,149).

The "Securities Daily" reporter found that the annual price increase has become an essential item after Apple's new products. After the release of the iPhone X last year, Apple raised the basic price of high-end mobile phones to $999, which is $230 higher than the 2016 iPhone 7 Plus. Since then, Apple has launched the iPhone Xs Max for $1,099, further pushing up the price. Even Apple's new low-cost mobile phone, the $749 iPhone Xr, is $50 more expensive than the iPhone 8.

It can be said that the Apple mobile phone, which has increased in price every year, has contributed a lot to the company's performance growth. According to Apple’s third-quarter earnings report, Apple’s revenue for the quarter was $53.3 billion, up 17% from $45.4 billion in the same period last year, and net profit was $11.5 billion, up 32% from the same period last year. However, sales of Apple's mobile phones in the quarter only increased by 1% compared with 410.26 million in the same period last year.

This shows that Apple's price increase strategy has greatly increased the company's performance.

10,000 yuan mobile phone sings after the decline

For the more expensive Apple mobile phone, Guo Mingxi said in his latest analysis report that the iPhone XS lacks visual innovation and has no new features, making consumers' attitude towards the new machine not very friendly, relative to the hand. iPhone X, the consumer's desire to upgrade the device is not large, so the booking amount this time is lower than the original expected 15%-20%.

It can be said that while the price of iPhone Xs Max has reached a high price of 12,799 yuan, Apple's new iPhone sales have once again been smashed by the industry. The current ox is also very pessimistic about the iPhoneXs series, and dare not stock up.

However, in the case of numerous scams, the Securities Daily reporter found that the more expensive Apple phones are sold, the better.

According to the data provided by Suning Tesco, the number of appointments for iPhone XS is lower than that of iPhone XS Max. Similarly, according to the reservation data of Suning Tesco platform at 15:00 on September 20, the number of 512GB iPhone XS reservations is 315,694. Compared with iPhone XS Max, it is nearly one-third less popular, which is consistent with the forecast that the iPhone XS Max will be more popular than the iPhone XS.

"In the three new machines released this year, the lowest-priced iPhone XR is currently the lowest number of appointments. As of 15:00 on September 20, the number of Sunning Tesco iPhone XR appointments was 141.82 million." According to Suning Tesco People analyzed the "Securities Daily" reporter, this situation may be related to the iPhone XR sales time in October.

The person said that the dual-card dual standby iPhone XS Max is expected to be the best-selling one in this year's new machine, even if its price is as high as 12,799 yuan.

Huawei is "stable"?

It is worth mentioning that after Apple introduced a new dual-card dual-standby mobile phone, Huawei’s vice president Yu Chengdong said “stable”. According to market rumors, in the case that Apple has only one card to achieve 4G, Huawei's new mobile phone Mate20 may have realized dual-card dual VoLTE dual-pass technology.

It is understood that dual-card dual VoLTE dual-pass means that when one of our cards is on the phone, another card can also be called in and can be answered, and, regardless of the primary or secondary card, when making a call, another One card can be connected to the Internet at the same time (both cards have VoLTE enabled).

According to the news, if it is a single pass, when you play with your teammates, another card will be disconnected. However, with dual-card dual VoLTE dual-pass technology, it is possible to play games and answer calls, which improves the user experience.

In the eyes of market participants, Huawei issued a "stable" after Apple's press conference, indicating that Huawei's new mobile phone will be stress-free in the face of Apple. From the latest data, Huawei is slowly catching up with Apple. In the first half of this year, Huawei's smartphone shipments reached 95 million units worldwide, and its market share surpassed Apple for the first time, ranking second in the world. It can be said that Huawei's rapid growth in the global smartphone market has benefited from the energy released by Huawei in technology and has won the recognition of more and more consumers.

On October 16th, Huawei Mate20 will debut in London. After the release of Huawei's new mobile phone, it will affect the sales of Apple's new mobile phone. The market will wait and see!

Article source: Netease Finance

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