Glory mobile phone early adopters WeChat fingerprint payment: covering 7 models User information security is a prerequisite

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Time: 2018-09-22
Summary: I have been in China for a long time. I sometimes feel that the biggest discomfort is not the foreign diet, but I can't pay for the mobile phone scan code anytime and anywhere. When I can't find the scan code payment overseas, I remember that WeChat paid the original. convenient.
I have been in China for a long time. I sometimes feel that the biggest discomfort is not the foreign diet, but I can't pay for the mobile phone scan code anytime and anywhere. When I can't find the scan code payment overseas, I remember that WeChat paid the original. convenient.

WeChat payment is not only convenient, but also more secure. It not only supports digital passwords, but also supports more advanced fingerprint payment. The fingerprint process can be used to complete the payment process.

WeChat fingerprint recognition is safe and fast, and it has become one of the best features of the daily experience of smartphones.

Glory Mobile has announced that it will be the first to launch the beta test upgrade on glory Play and Glory Note 10 from September 17th, covering two important functions of WeChat fingerprint payment and full screen gesture. This is the new function that glory mobile game players are most looking forward to. First, it is expected to be pushed at the end of September.

In addition, glory 10, glory V10, glory 9 youth version, glory play 7X, glory 8 youth version and other 5 glory mobile phones will also push WeChat fingerprint recognition function in October, so that most glory users can enjoy the fingerprint The convenience and security of payment.

WeChat fingerprint payment upgrade, don't forget to open new features

After the glory mobile phone user receives the new function upgrade, don't forget to open the fingerprint payment function in WeChat. WeChat default is not to enable the fingerprint recognition payment, but the opening function is also very simple, go to WeChat wallet - payment center - payment management - This feature can be turned on in fingerprint payment.

After the fingerprint payment function is enabled, if there are multiple sets of fingerprints, it is OK to verify the most commonly used fingerprint data, and the next scan payment can be directly verified by fingerprint identification, which is faster than manually filling in the password.

Fingerprint payment is not just as simple as adding a function

The fingerprint payment function brings consumers a simple and convenient payment experience, but behind the simple, mobile phone manufacturers and software vendors need to cooperate to solve the problem of fingerprint security.

After fingerprint recognition is enabled, the fingerprint information is equivalent to the key of the user system, information, and property security. In order to prevent potential security risks, the key should be stored in the safest and most reliable place, that is, the encryption is stored in the local security system of the mobile phone.

Any operation that uploads fingerprint information to the cloud may result in leaks and endless troubles.

In the cooperation scheme between Huawei and WeChat, all fingerprint information verification and storage work is completed in the local TEE OS security system of the mobile phone and will not be sent to third-party organizations.

This is also the security feature of Huawei's own Kirin processor, which integrates a dedicated security engine to provide a hardware-level security solution.

In WeChat fingerprint payment, Tencent has its own set of security certification standards, and Huawei has always insisted that fingerprint information be stored locally on the mobile phone and has its own security certification standard.

After communicating and communicating with Tencent, WeChat's fingerprint payment finally recognized Huawei's standard, that is, fingerprint information management, encryption, verification, and storage programs are all running in an independent TEE OS security system, Android system and any third-party applications. The software is unable to access this isolated area, thus ensuring the security of the fingerprint operating environment.

China's first CC EAL 2+ certification, glory to lead the Internet mobile phone brand

According to data from research firm Sino, in the domestic mobile phone market in the first half of 2018, glory brand smartphones shipped 26.05 million units, becoming the double crown of domestic Internet brand sales and sales.

Huawei + glory brand total global shipments reached 95 million units in the first half of this year, and annual shipments are expected to reach 200 million units. As the brand is getting bigger and bigger, it is especially important to pay attention to the information security of users. There are too many lessons for other brands to disclose user information.

In order to improve the security of smartphones, in February of this year, Huawei TEE OS, iTrustee v2.0 security technology, completed CC EAL2+ certification.

This is the world's authoritative information technology safety assessment and certification standard. It is also the first time that a domestic brand has obtained the certification standard. It is the top security certification that can be obtained in this field, which is equivalent to the “Hercules” champion cup in the field of mobile phone security.

Not just a safer, convenient and easy to use full screen gesture.

This wave of glory mobile phone upgrades not only brings a safer and faster WeChat fingerprint payment function, but also a convenient and easy to use full screen gesture operation.

The full screen gesture of the glory mobile phone combines with the pain points of the smartphone user, and is based on the characteristics of the full screen mobile phone and the user's habits. The goal is simple and easy to use.

For example, if you slide up in the middle of the bottom of the screen, you can return to the desktop. If you slide in the left or right side of the screen, you can return to the previous interface. The left side of the screen will slide up to bring up the AI ​​assistant. The operation is very simple and the difficulty is low. It will be convenient to use after adaptation.

Glory mobile phones have a number of new machines released at the end of this year, such as the highly honoured Magic 2 with more revolutionary magic black technology.

Of course, at the same time as the release of the new machine, the glory mobile phone does not forget the old friends, glory 10, glory V10, glory 9 youth version, glory play 7X, glory 8 youth version and other 5 models will continue to bring the latest feature upgrades, Including the WeChat fingerprint payment introduced today.

Article source: Fast technology

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