Apple and Samsung were heavily punished in Italy, allegedly deliberately reducing the performance of old phones

From: Sina
Time: 2018-10-26
Summary: The apple was "bitten".
The apple was "bitten".

Original: Aoki Global Network

"Italy is the first country in the world to punish manufacturers who deliberately accelerate the elimination of mobile phones!" Germany's "Der Spiegel" weekly reported on the 25th that the Italian anti-monopoly agency announced on the 24th that they found that Apple and Samsung "plannedly eliminated "The smartphones produced by the company, in order to stimulate customers to buy new phones, for the two companies to issue 10 million euros and 5 million euros respectively.

Italy's "Republican" said on the 24th that the Italian anti-monopoly department - the Italian Competition and Markets Authority (AGCM) launched an investigation in January this year after receiving consumer complaints. "Apple and Samsung have adopted dishonest business practices," the Italian Competition and Markets Authority said on the 24th that software updates on Apple and Samsung phones would cause serious failures in their own phones and drastically reduce handset performance. This approach is “planned elimination” to speed up the pace of customers changing phones. This is in violation of the relevant regulations of the Italian Consumer Protection Act.

According to the report, Samsung asked the "Note 4" mobile phone users to download the new Android operating system designed for "Note 7", resulting in a slower "Note 4". Apple prompted "iPhone 6" mobile phone users to download the operating system designed for "iPhone 7", which caused problems with "iPhone 6". The Italian Competition and Markets Authority also accused Apple of not giving consumers the basic characteristics of their mobile phone lithium batteries, including average life expectancy and how to extend their lifespan, so Apple is fined more than Samsung.

The Italian antitrust authorities also demanded that the two companies must publish a statement of misconduct on their respective Italian official websites and inform the consumer of the agency's decision. Samsung is disappointed with the Italian penalty and plans to appeal. A spokesperson said that Samsung has released software updates for customers to get the best experience. Apple has not yet responded. The German media believes that this penalty may trigger a “complaint wave” in Europe and around the world.

Article source: Sina

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