After last night, all iPads have become antiques

From: Sohu from the media
Time: 2018-10-31
Although it’s only been more than a month since the fall iPhone launch in September, more attention is paid to the new iPhone every year. But Apple's new product released last night is definitely more surprising than this year's iPhone XS.

When almost everyone has adapted to Apple's "squeezing toothpaste" general product update rhythm, Apple has updated the MacBook Air, Mac mini, and the new design and performance that have not changed greatly for more than an hour. The iPad Pro series (including the keyboard and Apple Pencil), this should be the most enjoyable digital conference in the past two years.

Don't talk about the product in detail, draw a few key points:

When the new iPad Pro uses a "full screen", the iPad series has begun to smash the Home button like the iPhone, opening a new era of Apple touch hardware.
2. MacBook Air bid farewell to the "big particles", using the Ritina retina screen, the classic wedge-shaped appearance that Jobs gave to the MacBook Air has also been a perfect continuation of the new era hardware configuration.

3. The Mac mini, which has not been updated for a long time, has returned to the river after updating its performance.

4. There is no AirPods 2 you are looking for.

New MacBook Air: The continuation of Steve Jobs's soul, almost perfect thin and light

Apple is not the first manufacturer to make thin and light notebooks. When Jobs in 2008 said that Apple is about to launch a thin and light version called MacBook Air, there is not much applause from the scene. Everyone quietly watched Jobs say how thick the equipment of other people's homes, how thin their own products, until Steve Jobs took out the MacBook Air from a paper file bag, the audience boiled.

The design of the MacBook Air is very avant-garde, and even after 7 years of avant-garde, the appearance of the MacBook Air today is not backward. But despite updating the most basic performance configuration from time to time, the MacBook Air didn't use the high-resolution retina screen, and it really dismissed many new users.

The MacBook Air released last night is completely inherited from the soul of the Jobs era MacBook Air design, and at the same time complements all the shortcomings of the MacBook Air. It’s no exaggeration to say that if you want to choose an Apple laptop, and if the performance requirements are not particularly high, the MacBook Air can be a perfect new device for the daily life and office of ordinary users. .

First of all, the new MacBook Air makes the body smaller and thinner. Although the screen size is still 13.3 inches, the overall size of the screen frame is reduced, so the size of the body is much smaller than that of the old one. The volume is reduced by 17%, and the thickness of the body is reduced by 10% to 15.6mm. The weight of the fuselage dropped to 1.25 kg.

The new MacBook Air has a few big lifting points compared to the old ones:

Join the Retina screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 (227 ppi), but the new MacBook Air delivers only 300 nits of maximum brightness compared to the oldest MacBook Air 500 nits (MacBook Pro has a maximum brightness of 500 nits) . In addition, although the new MacBook has a 48% improvement in color contrast, it does not support the same P3 color gamut as the MacBook Pro. In other words, although the new MacBook Air offers a retina screen, it still has a gap between brightness and color gamut.

2. Supports Touch ID, voice wake-up Siri, and the replacement of the Force Touch touchpad with pressure sensing, and the addition of dual speakers, these are almost exactly the same for MacBook Pro. But one thing that is slightly worrying is that the new MacBook Air keyboard has been replaced with a third-generation butterfly keyboard. If you have used the MacBook Pro, it is estimated to be suitable if the new MacBook Air is your first MacBook, or You have to change from the old model, it is definitely to adapt.

3. The interface becomes 2 Type-C and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Apple is on the same interface of its own notebook product line. If you have more traditional USB devices, you should prepare the adapter for yourself.

4. Because MacBook Air performance is lower than MacBook Pro, and the maximum brightness of the screen is lower, the battery life of the new MacBook Air is stronger than the current MacBook Pro 13, with two hours of web browsing and 3 hours of iTunes video playback. (Apple's official data, you can intuitively feel the gap when you experience it)

Interestingly, after the release of the new MacBook Air, Apple adjusted the order of the MacBook product line on the official website, the 12-inch MacBook dropped to the lowest level, and the new MacBook Air is closer to the MacBook Pro. After all, at present, the starting price of the National Bank version of 9499 yuan does complement the MacBook Pro's positioning of products below 10,000 yuan.

But one thing that can't be ignored is that there are still some crossovers in the pricing of the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, even with the more lightweight but performance of the 12-inch MacBook. Ordinary users will still encounter the difficulty of choosing when they choose. How to choose here, don't elaborate, then find a time to write an article.

Before ending this part, I still have to feel that the MacBook Air has not been cut down and inherited the previous design language. It is a very good thing, it is worth buying.

New Mac mini: I have disappeared for many years, how do I start to update again?

The highlight is still behind, this part is a brief talk.

The Mac mini hasn't been updated for 4 years. It was originally the lowest-priced Apple original macOS terminal. It is good for ordinary families to use as a lightweight desktop. There aren't many updates on the new Mac mini design, and the main update is hard hardware.

Intel's 8th generation 4 core processor, plus 6 core Intel Core i7 versions, up to 64GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory and up to 2TB SSD storage. According to Apple, CPU performance has increased by a factor of five (after all, no movement for the previous four years), fans and vents have also become larger, which is good for heat dissipation.

In order to keep up with the times, Apple also adjusted the interface, the Mac mini installed 4 USB-C interface, 2 ordinary USB A port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a network cable interface. (true conscience)

The price of the Bank of China has been 6499, although it has risen a lot from the previous price, it is a good choice for home users.

New iPad Pro: full screen, new and old diseases of iPad

The new iPad Pro is the focus of today's conference.

If you keep paying attention to Apple, you will find that although the iPad can almost be regarded as the iOS device with the lowest frequency of replacement among ordinary users, Apple has been very active in adjusting its iPad strategy in recent years.

The reason is very simple. After the tablet PC sales in the global market fell sharply, there was almost only one survivor of the iPad, and this survivor still contributed a lot of profits to Apple every year, so in order to hold this part of the wealth, Apple must make the iPad Make a difference.

The direction is also very clear: learn from iPhone X and move to full screen. Further highlighting your productivity.

The new iPad Pro is almost identical to previous exposures: full screen, FaceID facial recognition compatible with horizontal and vertical recognition, new design, enhanced performance, USB-C interface, and a new keyboard and Apple Pencil specially adapted for new designs .

This is the beginning of a new era for the iPad.

If the comprehensive screen design is mainly for the experience, the other major changes of the new iPad Pro will completely redefine the overall experience of this product:

The new body design, the thickness of the fuselage is reduced from 6.9 mm to 5.9 mm, such a large area of ​​the plate with a thickness reduction of one millimeter, coupled with the increase in the size of the screen, resulting in the same 12.9-inch screen The new iPad Pro is much lighter than the old one. The overall size has been reduced by 25%.

2. Compatible with new FaceIDs that support horizontal and vertical recognition.

3. After the interface is replaced with USB-C, it brings about an overall change in compatibility and connection ecology. If the iPad Pro with the lightning interface is still a large iPhone, the iPad Pro with USB-C is closer to the notebook. You can directly connect to the screen that supports USB-C for screencasting, or you can connect more. External devices can even charge the iPhone with the new iPad Pro. Just the interface changes, the new iPad Pro's usability and productivity has improved a lot.

4. Apple designed a new keyboard and Apple Pencil for the new iPad Pro. This user is not very friendly to the old users, but after all, the iPad change frequency is not so high, so the new users will be taller. Priority. The new case is attached to the back of the iPad via a magnet. Apple has built in 102 magnets on the back of the new iPad to ensure that the case and Apple Pencil can be firmly attached to the body. The new iPad can even absorb Apple Pencil. Also, charge the Apple Pencil wirelessly. This design is too elegant and practical. Must be liked.

5. Performance improvements are absolutely essential to the iPad's productivity compared to design changes. The A12X chip uses an 8-core CUP and a 7-core GPU, which improves CPU single-core performance by 35% and multi-core performance by 90%. The graphics processing speed is twice that of the previous generation, which is 1000 times that of the first generation iPad. More useful for retouching and editing video.

6. The internal structure of the fuselage has been changed. The battery is placed on both sides with the main board sandwiched between them. The battery capacity is larger. The battery life has increased to 10 hours.

Absolutely the strongest iPad in history, and no one.

But under the new life, the old disease of the iPad still exists. On the one hand, the iPad Pro will increase the price when it is greatly improved in each generation. The crossover with the MacBook product line will be more serious, on the other hand. The problem is actually a question that existed at the beginning of the iPad Pro series: Can the iPad be used as a computer? Can iOS provide productivity? This actually requires more than just Apple's efforts. It also requires users to clearly understand their needs, and developers really want to work with new hardware to launch an iOS app that is more suitable for large screens.

Last but not least, many people see the new iPad Pro's frame plasticity replaced by a square shape, instead of a rounded shape with metal chamfers, worried that it will cut hands. But in fact, considering that the thickness of the whole body is greatly reduced by one millimeter to 5.9mm, it is easier to make the frame of the fuselage too sharp with the original shape. The cutting with the square edge is convenient for the adsorption of Apple Pencil. On the other hand, it guarantees the relatively gentle feel of the new iPad Pro. In the processing of aluminum alloy materials, Apple will also deal with the more "graininess" presumably for a better feel.

Why is there no AirPods 2, last year's AirPower?

Many people are looking forward to AirPods updates before the conference, and AirPods 2 is expected to add noise reduction. AirPods has not been updated in the conference. In fact, it is also expected. The reason is very simple: AirPods is still a near-perfect wireless headset, and there is no competitor of the same category, adding noise reduction function under such headset size. At present, it is not very realistic, or the effect achieved is relatively relatively tasteless.

Sony has been trying to add noise reduction to such pure wireless earphones, but in fact the product is not good, the product is not well controlled, and the noise reduction effect is not good. It’s hard to please.

So hesitant to AirPods, it is recommended not to wait for updates, early to buy early to enjoy.

As for the AirPower wireless charging board that supports multiple devices charging last year, it may be that the technical level has encountered a lot of difficulties, or although it can be technically achieved, but the current cost will be very high, after all, It is also difficult for ordinary consumers to buy a charging board for more than a thousand pieces, so the possibility of launching later will be even greater.

Apple still wants to make the iPad a computer and be a "productivity tool."

Since the birth of the iPad Pro, since the name "Pro" has been given, it is obviously inseparable from professional needs and productivity. Apple has been managing the iPad Pro as a computer. Of course, it is necessary to add the qualifier "Special Computer".

Obviously, the current iPad Pro is difficult to completely replace the notebook, and the available scenes are actually related to the user. This is actually understandable. After all, the "productivity" understood by ordinary consumers and the "productivity" understood by professional users with different professional needs. The "productivity" that Luo Yonghao understands, Apple's understanding of "productivity" may be completely different.

But at least from the current development of the iPad Pro, the iPad Pro is still competent for the daily basic needs of the work, as well as some creative work.

But if you want to abandon your current office equipment to fully embrace the iPad Pro, you should be cautious.

Some detectable changes

Having talked about so many products related, in fact, from this autumn conference, there are two small details worth talking about.

Whether it's the new MacBook Air or the new iPad Pro, the official voice-over has been replaced. It seems to have changed from chief design officer Jony Ive to Apple's chief marketing officer Phil Schiller. The style of the entire video has also changed from the original introductory product technology and details to the more lively, more functional and user-friendly introductions.

This may represent Apple's change in the expectations of its own products. Of course, Phil Schiller is also the old man of Apple. He is the same age as Cook. He has been in Apple for 24 years in marketing experience for 24 years. He also worked with Jobs to make a lot of good products.

But like the iPad Pro, such a greatly updated product, Jony Ive, the chief design officer, doesn't even play the "seiyuu", but also makes people feel the changes inside Apple.

Another detail is that although most people's eyes are attracted by new hardware, in the press conference, Apple still has a considerable amount of time to give Apple's retail vice president Angela Ahrendts to introduce Apple's retail store and in-store activities Today at Apple .

As the former CEO of Burberry, he was heavily invested by executives. In some rumors, Angela Ahrendts was considered to be Cook's successor on the one hand, and on the other hand, she was criticized in public opinion. She thought that she only arranged better clothes for Apple employees, and her iron fist policy did not let her Less old Apple Store employees left.

In the interview with the savage big monster, such a paragraph was recorded. “In fact, when Angela Ahrendts joined Apple, she realized that new retail was produced. This is earlier and more accurate than other companies. Everyone emphasizes online at home. At the time, Angela Ahrendts insisted on the line and even led the retail store at any cost. When everyone realized that the offline is also the battlefield, she began to adjust the online business, Tmall flagship store right, online equipment recycling , online technical support, she made it out."

The goal of Angela Ahrendts is actually very simple. With the competitors catching up, let the Apple Store upgrade to 2.0 and continue to lead.

On the other hand, for the main characters of this conference, MacBook Air, Mac mini and iPad Pro, compared with the iPhone, computer equipment needs to use more perceptual expressions to attract more ordinary consumers. Scenarios guide to evoke their desire to buy. And this is exactly what the two executives mentioned above are good at.

It seems a bit far away, so far.

The new version of the iPad Pro will be officially launched on November 7th.

Article source: Sohu from the media

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